Union Remittances Spreadsheet

If you’ve defined benefits and included them in your union setup, Abio will generate A/P invoices that itemize the costs for the benefits for that union. You can also generate a Union Remittances spreadsheet to support the amounts you’re remitting.

This tool will create a spreadsheet with the cheque amounts for each union employee for the period, with columns for each source earning you select. In addition, a column will be created for each benefit you’ve defined. The column shows the amount of each benefit owing for each employee.

If you’ve chosen to set your rates manually, without setting up union benefits, you’ll need to work out the different amounts the benefits are based on from each payroll run in order to calculate amounts owed to each union. This tool lets you do that.

Define a union remittance layout that includes the fields you need to base your remittances on. Navigate to [c] Payroll, then [u] Set Up, then [f] Remit Spreadsheet Entry.

[c] Payroll | [u] Set Up | [f] Remit Spreadsheet Entry

The spreadsheet layout can include up to 10 different unions and any number of columns as defined in the layout. Columns will appear in numerical order. If two columns have the same numerical order, those amounts will be summed together in that column.

[c] Payroll | [u] Set Up | [f] Remit Spreadsheet Entry

Navigate to the Union Remittance Spreadsheet report under Cheque Reports:

You’ll specify a date range, or a range of G/L periods, and the remittance type:

[c] Payroll | [u] Set Up | [f] Remit Spreadsheet Entry

Abio will create a report for each employee for each union specified for the remittance type for the selected range. The report will have columns for each category that was selected in the remittance type.

[c] Payroll | [i] Cheque Reports | [o] Union Remittance Spreadsheet

If you’ve requested more columns than will fit on a page, the report will display as truncated. However, when you export the report, the spreadsheet will contain all requested columns.

[c] Payroll | [u] Set Up | [f] Remit Spreadsheet Entry

You now have a summary of the employee amounts for the requested time frame.

[c] Payroll | [u] Set Up | [f] Remit Spreadsheet Entry – Export

Including the benefits the union is setup with:

[c] Payroll | [u] Set Up | [f] Remit Spreadsheet Entry – Export

Between the Union Remittance A/P Invoices created each time payroll is run, and this spreadsheet, you can be sure your union remittances are accurate.