Sending out Client Statements of Amount Owed

You can invoice a client, but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll be paid promptly. Send statements to remind clients they have outstanding amounts.

When you set up a client, you indicate whether they’ll receive statements or not. To review how a client is set up, navigate to [b] Receivables, then [a] Client Entry.

If the ‘statements?’ field is ‘Y’, then statements will be produced for this client.

To produce client statements, navigate to [b] Receivables, then [l] Client Statements.

Specify which clients you want to send statements to, and the date range of invoices to include.

The report prints each client’s outstanding invoice amounts on a new page.

The client statements are intended for regular mail. You can print out all the statements and separate each into a windowed envelope.

If you want to email a statement, you’ll have to request a single client and then select the email option on the print preview window.